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Miniaturka Daisy (2)Miniaturka Daisy (3)Miniaturka Daisy (4)

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  • Colorscolor variantcolor variant
  • LineWonderland
  • Width60 cm
  • Length65 cm
  • Height45 cm
  • Age1+
  • Minimum space360x365 cm
Base material
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  • Isometric view
  • Top view
  • Front view
  • Installation manual video
  • 2D files 12359 2D.dwg
  • 3D files 12359 3D.dwg

Daisy is a fabulous small table for  playground. This colorful play table was designed in the form of daisy and perfectly decorates any play area. It can be used as a  picnic table  or play table to keep the kids entertained for hours!

Daisy table is made of high quality steel- robust and resistant to any acts of vandalism. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for playgrounds in housing estates , urban space, parks, but also in the home gardens.

Daisy-shaped table has a comfortable and rounded shapes, ensuring the safety of all children. Daisy table from Wonderland Line  makes your play area much more attractive.